Chimney Repair Columbus Ohio

You are asking yourself whether you need to set up a chimney cap? Our Chimney Repair Columbus Ohio team will do it for you. A chimney cap could help save you a considerable amount of needless chimney fixes. A chimney cap is a metal topper covering the flue’s opening, keeping animals, water, and debris out of the chimney. Chimney caps also appear with spark guards, which prevent burning embers from wafting out of the duct and landing close to flammable objects (like the roof). This particular characteristic is, in fact, incredibly crucial to the sustainability of the chimney. Our licensed chimney sweep technicians will evaluate the current chimney cap’s state or offer ideas for the most effective cap type required for the chimney and venting system.


The changing seasons, such as the freezing and thawing cycle, can result in the chimney masonry to crack and deteriorate since water and moisture are the chimney’s worst enemy. An exposed chimney can let water into the pipe, causing chimney liners to break and cause water damage, which is incredibly costly. The changing weather in Ohio can also cause rust on your chimney caps, leading to decay and staining on the chimney and roof. Chimney caps also serve as spark guards preventing burning particles from making their way out of the chimney-flue and landing on the roof or other combustible objects; or preventing crosswinds from producing downdrafts in the chimney, causing issues with smoky fireplaces. Therefore, it is better to ask the Chimney Repair Columbus Ohio team to install or replace a chimney cap for you.

Chimney Repair Columbus OH

Chimney caps are an essential piece in ensuring that your chimney is functioning successfully. Installing the right cap can help you save money in the future. Chimney caps help avoid blockages by keeping animals and debris out of the chimneys. Without chimney caps, animals like raccoons, squirrels, and rodents can access your home through the chimney, and animals like birds create nests, especially during summer. Other debris, twigs, and leaves might fall into the flue during storms and windy days and accumulate within the chimney and pose a serious safety risk. If you detect your fireplace has problems, contact a chimney sweep right away to make sure that the flue passage isn’t blocked. The chimney caps also let the toxic elements escape, such as heat, smoke, creosote, carbon monoxide, other byproducts of combustion, and other blockages and debris that may cause a chimney fire. 

When you do not have a chimney cap yet, give us a call today. Installing a chimney cap is the most cost-efficient way to keep your chimney from repairs. Professional chimney Repair Columbus OH sweeps agree that having a fully functional chimney cap is a must. Fireplace caps are available in all shapes, materials in addition to sizes. Many well known are the ones produced of stainless steel as well as copper.

Contact our Chimney Repair Columbus OH sweeps professionals now, and we can suggest the finest choice for chimney cap replacement, repair, and installation.